82% of Seniors Are puzzled about Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Everyday a little over 7,000 people turn 65, and amongst them most receive part A and opt for Part B. After this they have to deal with the difficult task of choosing between a Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan and a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Medics performed a survey on how individuals who turn 65 years of age obtain Medicare benefits in Broward, Miami Dade, and Palm Beach, Florida counties which are considered a senior hot spot.

The survey results showed surprisingly that 82% of seniors asserted that they had no idea how or where to purchase Medical Insurance on their own or that there numerous plan letters and Health Insurance Quotes to select from. The survey also recommended that the majority of seniors thought Medicare Advantage plans is not favorable for them since they are free of cost. Many advantage plans icomprises of a prescription benefit and additional benefits slike dental, vision, and hearing. The survey also suggested that the shoppers are always perplexed when it comes to Medicare Part D, a prescription plan offered by Medicare or a private carrier.

Medicare Medics is an online company aimed at assisting seniors and their families become aware of Medicare, and find Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans at the best price.

For more information please visit us @ www.medigap4seniors.com, , or call us at 888-502-5553 to speak with one of our Medicare experts.

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