Affordable Care Act advantageous for young people

Health-care experts hold that they view the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as an effort that gives all Americans health insurance. They believe that the health of young adults in America depends greatly on the individual mandate, a provision in the bill that requires all Americans to purchase health care. Peter Cram, a University of Iowa associate professor of medicine, held that young and very healthy people mostly view health care as expensive and not beneficial.

Cram’s statements have come as the U.S. Supreme Court hears a case that will decide the law’s constitutionality. Ian Millhiser, a policy analyst and blogger with the Center for American Progress, held that the idea of government mandates in health care is not new. Congress has forced mandates for a long time through Medicare Plan according to him.

The Affordable Care Act comprises of several major health-insurance reforms, most of which will unfurl through 2014. The law has already extended coverage to include those with pre-existing conditions, provide more funding for state Medicaid coverage, and offer more prescription-drug assistance to seniors on Medicare Plan. The law also permits those under 26 to stay on their parents’ insurance.

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