Biden terms Republican budget an attack on seniors

President Joe Biden while joking about his age with Florida retirees on Friday described Republican efforts to cut Social Security and Medicare as an assault on the self-respect of aging Americans.

President Barack Obama send Biden to Florida known to be an electoral battleground with the nation’s largest concentration of people 65 and older, in an attempt to focus on the  contrast between his approach to Social Security and Medicare and that of his Republican rivals.

Obama’s budget proposal made no major modifications in the Medicare Plan, which provides healthcare for 49 million older and disabled Americans, and the federal government retirement program, Social Security.

The three foremost Republicans contenders against Obama in the November 6 general election, supported the budget plan introduced this week by Republican Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, according to Biden.

The plan would provide seniors a government allowance to buy traditional fee-for-service Medicare or shop for coverage from private insurers in a government-run exchange. Biden said it would “voucherize” Medicare and raze the program.

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