Direct primary medical care

In Washington, an exceptional bipartisan health care idea that makes concierge medical care reasonable is becoming popular. This is termed as direct primary care whereby doctors contract directly with patients to offer all the primary care needs free from the hassles of insurance and a t a cost usually in the range of $50 and $60 a month per patient, as per a news article in the New York Times.

Direct primary medical care may benefit insurers as patients who want insurance are still buying high deductible health plans for specialized care and hospitalizations. The U.S. government is also interested in direct primary care for the nearly 50 million people covered by the Medicare plans for health insurance program for the elderly.

A bill presented in the U.S. House would create pilot programs for Medicare advantage or beneficiaries and also those registered in both Medicare Supplement and state Medicaid programs for the . The pilots are designed to offer monthly fee-based payments for direct primary care medical homes for these beneficiaries, according to the legislation introduced late last year by Rep.  Bill Cassidy, a Louisiana Republican and physician.

Cohorts of the direct primary care plan perceive the pilots as a means to show Congress and the Obama administration keen to control Medicare Insurance spending that the concept is capable of giving quality medical care and lower costs.

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