Enhancing Primary Care Initiative By Centers For Medicare And Medicaid

Primary Care initiative or CPC endeavors to build up synchronization and association between private and public health care payers to support in improving primary care. As per Medicare Plan, it will coordinate with both commercial and State health insurance plans and provide financial incentives to primary care physicians who efficiently coordinate care for patients in their care.

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services holds that primary care practices that prefer to participate in this initiative will get money to help them manage primary care for their patients on Medicare Plan in a better way.

Primary care is not only imperative for the promotion of health and better care, it is also capable of bringing down overall system costs when incorporated properly. However, in the USA, this aspect of health care provision has been under-valued and under-funded.  Patients generally prefer to go to primary care practices for their health care needs. If primary care is reinforced and coordination enhanced, clinicians can more easily work together, and spend more time with every patient.

CMS holds that all over the USA, health plans and health providers have been investing more in primary care.

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