Health care exchanges significant for Wisconsin farmers

Amidst so much debate over the Supreme Court’s decision, the Wisconsin farmers have supported it holding that it is conducive for farm families, rural neighbors and all Americans. It is a drastic step in the right direction for family farmers and rural communities to get access to reliable, affordable health care.

Upholding of the individual mandate keeps the Affordable Care Act unharmed. The Act deters health insurance companies from refuting care based on pre-existing conditions, and closes the Medicare prescription drug coverage “doughnut hole.” It implies that more people will be able to obtain and pay for health insurance.

Rural residents generally have a difficult time getting health insurance because they are mostly   self-employed and run small businesses, with insurance costs too high because of small risk pools. They frequently give off too much for awful coverage. Some are uninsurable high-risk involved in farming. They are also unable to pay high premiums for the existing system of individual and family coverage. Exchange is expected to widen the risk factors for these people and reduce costs of Medicare insurance and health care dollars spent. The bill aims at making the buying groups as strong as possible, by extending the group to as many employers as permissible by federal law.

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