Health insurance a burden for many older adults

Most of the people over 50 years old are aware of the fact that it is very expensive to get health insurance. This especially holds true for adults who are self-employed, jobless, or who retire early owing to illness or care for an elderly parent or child. Health insurance is essential for good access to care for chronic conditions and medications, and for primary and preventive care.

Without a corporate group health plan, many older adults are faced with buying private individual health policies. Some people above 50 postpone required care and prescriptions. Some linger to tackle problems until they are covered by Medicare Plan at age 65. COBRA insurance helps past employees attain insurance for 18 months after they resign. Though costly, COBRA coverage can bridge the gap until one qualifies for Medicare Plan or other retiree insurance.

If the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is executed, the law will stop insurers from denying coverage to adults with pre-existing conditions starting in 2014.

Some employers who still offer retiree insurance are consent to offer care through an accountable care organization (ACO). In case of an ACO, many providers are responsible for working together to offer quality care to a certain group of people competently. There are many who believe that ACOs can support in managing rising medicare advantage health care costs. Some retirees even move to another country to find affordable health care as a last option.

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