High-Risk Pregnancies – Telemedicine Can Save In Medicaid expenses

A new legislative proposal by The American Telemedicine Association  plans to increase the use of telemedicine for Medicaid users with high-risk pregnancies and neonatal care needs. If approved, it can bring about an improvement in providing care for people who are at-risk. This will also help the government and the taxpayers in making considerable long term savings.

According to the proposal, Medicaid would receive telemedicine coverage for mother and unborn care along with neonatal care with the help of a comprehensive care “birthing network”. Some grave health conditions associated with high-risk pregnancy could be treated with the help of telemedicine technologies. Some of these conditions related to high-risk pregnancies can be pre-term labor, mild preeclampsia, gestational hypertension and gestational diabetes mellitus.

Performance reports will be published by the Department of Health and Human Services to ascertain the quality of care these networks offer. This idea is based on findings from the Institute of Medicine. This proposal is dependent on a collective savings approach to boost providers to accept the plan and a 90% involvement in the first two years from the Federal government to uphold adoption.

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