Medicare Beneficiaries have a better position than Adults with Private Coverage

A recent study analyzed national survey on consumer experiences with health coverage and evaluated the responses of Medicare beneficiaries to nonelderly adults encompassed by private coverage. The study by Commonwealth Fund president Karen Davis and coauthors, published as a Health Affairs Web First article, discovered that those in the Medicare group were more content with their insurance, and there was less probability of them complaining regarding cost- or access-related problems.

The data for the study data was derived from The Commonwealth Fund 2010 Health Insurance Survey, a nationwide telephone survey of adults nineteen or older. Apart from evaluating non-Medicare and Medicare beneficiaries, the researchers looked for disparity in experience between those with traditional Medicare and those with private Medicare Advantage plans.

The study found that eight percent of Medicare beneficiaries judged their insurance as fair or poor weighed against 20 percent of nonelderly adults with employer insurance and 33 percent purchasing insurance on the individual market. The percentage of working adults with employer-sponsored coverage reported at least one access problem due to cost was comparatively more than elderly adults with Medicare Plans . While talking about access to a primary provider, 64 percent of Medicare beneficiaries and 51 percent of those with employer-based insurance held that they had a regular doctor or place of care.

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