Medicare Express emphasizes the value of public Medicare system

Prince Edward Islanders are enroute to the premiers’ meeting in Halifax on board a bus they have named the Medicare Express. Premiers Robert Ghiz of P.E.I. and Brad Wall of Saskatchewan will release proposal of their health innovation working group at the meeting. The P.E.I. Health Coalition is joining a rally organized by the Canadian Health Coalition. The Medical Express is aimed to stress the fact that the public Medicare system has a great significance according to P.E.I. coalition chair Mary Boyd. They want to assure the Islanders that they are we are here to guard against illegal practices n Medicare Plans to keep it as a quality care system. The group wants to promote the use of private medicine as a way for provinces to save money.

The national pharmacare program will also be ascertaining that P.E.I. will not become a havenot province where quality of medical care with declining health transfers is concerned.

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