Medicare offering Gym Benefits to attract Healthy seniors

For Medicare Insurance healthy seniors reduce the cost to a great extent. In a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Brown University researchers have stated that plans have been able to do exactly that by providing fitness club memberships as a covered benefit. This means more profit for the Medicare Advantage plans but at the same time it strictly is against denial of coverage on the basis of health conditions. To encourage profitable membership it plans to device insurance benefits that encourage healthy seniors toward the Medicare plan.

The study found that such an incentive like giving coverage for fitness club membership proved to be a very helpful strategy to attract healthier population. The conclusion was drawn by authors of the research  Amal Trivedi and Alicia Cooper thorough statistical comparison among numerous patients in 22 Medicare Advantage plans . It was found that the Medicare Advantage plans which initiated covering health club memberships have enrolled healthier members having minimal physical limitations. While in the control plans, which did not offer the benefit, reported health levels for the same timeframe showed very little change. When compared to the control plans, 8 out of the 11 case plans that is the ones that included fitness club coverage, enrolled seniors with improved  health, 10 of the 11 case plans enrolled seniors with lesser limitations in physical activity, and nine of the 11 case plans enrolled seniors that experienced lesser difficulty in walking.

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