Medicare plans to be included in Cape County’s insurance

A proposal was made by the Cape Girardeau County Commission recently to modify its insurance policy to include Medicare coverage plans as a choice for eligible employees. Medicare Plans is advantageous to employees as it provides better coverage and lower deductibles than the county plan with available supplemental plans. The county will pay the supplemental coverage costs through Medicare which will save money as repaying employees for Medicare Supplement plans is cheaper than relying on the county group plan.

The commission also evaluated a bid for a substitute backup generator for the county’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration emergency radio system. As per Richard Knaup, emergency management director, the system caters to many residents across Missouri and Illinois, including Cape Girardeau, Bollinger, Perry, Union and Alexander counties, as well as parts of Scott and Stoddard counties. Mike’s Inc. of South Roxana, Ill., presented the sole bid at $34,825. Three-quarters of the cost will be funded by a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant, with the balance paid for by the state, city of Cape Girardeau and in-kind county labor.

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