Medicare Supplemental Plan F

Medicare Supplement Plan F has become the most popular of all Medicare Supplement Plans as it contains comprehensive coverage for everything Medicare Insurance doesn’t cover as long as the charge is approved by Medicare Insurance. If Medicare Part B or Medicare Part A pays any portion of a doctor or hospital charge, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F will pay whatever is left.

Of all Medigap Plans A-N that supplement Medicare Insurance, Medicare Supplemental Plan F is owned by more people than any other Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.

Below is a list of what Medicare Supplement plans will pay.

1) Basic Benefits:

  • Part B Coinsurance (Generally 20% of outpatient expenses)
  • Hospital Coinsurance
  • 365 Additional Days Hospitalization Coverage
  • Blood Deductible Coverage

2) Skilled Nursing Coinsurance

3) Part A Deductible

4) Part B Deductible

5) Part B Excess

6) Foreign Travel

Not Covered by Medicare Supplement Plan F

At Home Recovery

Preventative Care is now paid by Original Medicare once a year.

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