Medicare Supplements vs. Medicare Advantage

Whether you are turning 65 or just getting your Medicare Part B after age 65 (coming off of employer-type insurance),choosing the right plan can be overwhelming. Many seniors are confused about what plan is best for them, buying a Medicare Supplement(also referred to as Medigap) or Medicare Advantage.

Your health plays an important roll in what plan you should choose. Another factor is your budget. There are so many plans and options to choose from,if you have a qualified Medicare Consultant to help you,they will be able to find the one that best fits your needs.

Here are some highlights of “Medicare Supplements Plans”

1. Choose any doctor or Hospital that participates with Medicare

2. If you purchase plan F you will have 100% coverage for all medicare approved claims.

3. You can never be canceled from the plan,other than for nonpayment.

4. The coverage goes with you if you move or are traveling.

5. There are no claim forms

6. You can change plans as often as you like

Here are some highlights of “Medicare Advantage Plans”

1. The plans can be very inexpensive, as low as a $0 premium plan. However the coverage is good, it typically is not as comprehensive as Medigap Plans.

2. Many plans offer additional benefits, such as vision and dental.

3. Medicare Advantage plans “usually” have prescriptions included.

4. You can only change plans during the AEP each year, Oct 15th-Dec 7th.

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