Medigap Plan Explained In Simplified Form For You

Have you heard that the benefits of Medigap plan from your friends and relatives? This might inspire you to suspend your existing health care insurance and subscribe to this plan. However, if you ask us then we will say that it is a faulty approach. Nevertheless, we do say that Medigap plan does not have any benefit. Rather, we mean to imply that your idea about this plan is incorrect. Therefore, here is the correct way of looking at it.

  • What is the Medigap Coverage?

If you thoroughly study your original health care insurance plan then you will find that it does not cover a number of diseases. This makes your condition vulnerable to spending enormous amounts in case you develop any of these diseases. Here, the role of Medigap begins. It extends the coverage of your health insurance so that you remain insured against these diseases too.

  • Q. When it becomes effective?

In general situations, when you are within the US boundary you will not get any coverage from Medigap plan if you get affected by any if the diseases that are not covered in your original health insurance or Aarp Medicare Supplement. This plan only becomes active, and gives you coverage against the uncovered diseases when you are outside USA.

  • Q. How is the coverage provided?

Usually, the coverage against a medigap plan is paid to the subscriber in the form of deductibles, co-payments or health care reimbursements.

  • Q. What are not covered?

It is great to know that this plan will be of immense assistance to you when you are outside USA and fall sick. Nevertheless, we understand an equally practical approach to know about the coverage or medical facilities that will be provided by this policy. Under this non covered facilities come long term medical expenses like stay in nursing homes for prolonged span, cost incurred on dental care, expenditures made on eye treatment, paying the fees of private nursing provider, money spent on the purchase of prescription medicines or purchase of medical equipment like eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, etc.


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