Medigap Plans/Medicare Supplement Plans Can Give You Peace Of Mind

As we grow older we come to realize that we will eventually need to deal with health problems and in today’s economy, that can cause some of us financial headaches.  We recommend looking into a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan or a Medigap Plan , to take away some of your worry’s.

Medicare pays 80 percent of a pre-approved amount regardless of what your bill says. You can use Medicare Supplement Insurance to pick up the remaining 20 percent of the charges so you’ll have no out-of-pocket costs, though.  That is how these supplement plans became known as Medigap Plans -they fill in the gaps of Medicare.

Some Medigap Plans,F,G, will go even further.If you have excess charges over the 80% Medicare Pays on approved claims,then Medigap Plan F & G will cover 100% of the additional charges,truly giving you peace of mind with your Medicare coverage.

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