Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage

For most seniors deciding between Medigap vs. Medicare Advantages is a fundamental issue. Various factors help in finding the best option and the amount of effort one is willing to invest to find the best plan.  Both Medigap and Medicare Advantage are offered by private insurance companies, and both assist in covering the gaps left by regular Medicare. Medigap refers to a group of supplemental insurance plans that work in combination with your regular Medicare benefits. Medicare Advantage plans are separate from Medicare. If you buy a Medicare Advantage plan, you are enrolled from Medicare. Some of the major differences between the two are as follow.

The benefits of Medigap plans have been made uniform by the federal government. This implies that plans sold by different insurance companies offer similar benefits.

Medigap plans provide services from a large network of doctors and caregivers, while the services offered by Medicare Advantage plans are generally in a limited network.

Medigap plans need an additional monthly premium. The premiums for Medicare Advantage plans are mostly less than those for Medigap plans, and there are situations when there are no monthly premiums for Medicare Advantage plans.

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