Most Insurance covers only a part of the Cost of Hearing Aids

Only a small portion of U.S. adults who may benefit from hearing aids are actually able to get them, and one of the primary causes is money. A hearing aid usually costs a few thousand dollars, and even more, and most insurance plans don’t cover that. Medicare Plan normally doesn’t pay anything, though hearing loss is a common concern among its beneficiaries.

Recently however, health-plan coverage has improved somewhat. A national survey of people who bought hearing aids in 2008, almost 40 percent held that their health insurance paid some part of the cost, as compared to four years earlier. The study was conducted by Knowles Electronics, which deals in hearing-aid components.

A new program by insurer United Healthcare intends to make reasonable hearing aids available to not only its own plan members but also the general public.

Even while it exists, insurance coverage is usually meager. Most plans cover a hearing assessment test. But when hearing loss is established, plans normally provide just $500 to $1,000 toward the cost of hearing aids once every two to five years, according to experts.

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