Proposal to increase Pay to Doctors By 7% by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has put forward a rule to augment pay to family physicians by seven percent to support primary care doctors,, and also to pay other primary care physicians between three and five percent more. This rule will be part of the updated payment policies under the Medicare Supplement Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS), which will come into effect in the calendar year of 2013. Medicare Plans pays more than one million physicians and practitioners that provide vital health care to recipients of Medicare Plan under the MPFS.

The main intention of this rise under MPFS is to endorse high quality, patient centered care. As per this rule, CMS has recommended to pay for the care needed by a patient to transition back to society after release from a hospital or nursing facility stay. To delineate this plan, CMS recommended making a separate payment to the patient’s community physician or practitioner to establish patient care for 30 days after a hospital or nursing facility stay.

The public has been asked to comment on how Medicare Advantage Plans can make out the full range of services provided by physicians and practitioners, either by face-to-face meetings or out of office patient care, with the aim to better overall quality.

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