Red umbrella health care gathering to focus on Medicare

Canadians holding red umbrellas to signify they’re covered under Medicare Supplement will gather in cities across the country to call on Canada’s premiers to get the federal government back to the health accord discussing table.

The National Day of Action for a 2014 Health Accord, planned by the Council of Canadians, Canadian Doctors for Medicare, provincial health coalitions, unions and advocacy groups, is going to take place a week prior to Canada’s premiers sit down in Halifax to discuss Medicare Plans at the Council of the Federation summer meeting.

In December, the Harper government moved to present federal financing for Medicare and then left the debate to the provinces. It’s a critical time for the people of Canada when they are reorganizing the facet of health care as it advances towards a more incorporated communication and teamwork approach. A similar teamwork and incorporation is required on the political level, where communities are discussing to their premiers, and premiers are, in return expecting the federal government to provide leadership and the direction to financial support required to get at this level.

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