Retired Employees go up against plan to shift retirees to Medicare Plan in Baton Rouge

Retired employees gathered at the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Office to raise their voice against a scheme to stop providing supplemental health insurance to almost 2,700 retired employees and to shift them all to Medicare.

Great deal of uncertainty and apprehension over the change among retirees has led the board to postpone the Medicare Plans shift and in its place has advised the consulting group that oversees medical expenses to come up with a new option. This decision of deterring shift to Medicare Advantage Plan may lead to the board accrue a loss in saving for likely another year, an estimated $.8.7 million in annual savings. In its place, the school system’s almost 10,000 active and retired employees will have to pay more to cover an intimidating shortfall of $6.2 million in 2013.

On behalf of Mercer Human Resources Consulting Group, Mary Morrison held that Monday night was the deadline for the school system to hire San Mateo, California based Extend Health to manage a shift to Medicare Plan. He further reiterated that companies like Extend Health need six months at a minimum to switch employees to Medicare Plan Insurance.

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