Shopping for Medigap Rates

Many seniors are unaware of the many rules medicare has. Here are some easy to remember tips when shopping for a Medigap Plan. Medigap Plans are assigned a letter, starting from A ending in N. All plans are identical from one company to another. This means if I buy plan F,which is the most comprehensive plan available from Mutual of Omaha vs UHC/AARP the coverage is exactly the same. However the difference may be that one company offers the plan for less premium than the other. Medicare recommends that seniors shop around and find the lowest rates in their area for the plan that best fits their needs. We believe the best way to do this is to find an agent that will help you do the research. At Medigap4seniors we have helped thousands of seniors find the best plan and rates. You can reach us at,or call toll free @ 888-502-5553.

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