Taylor advises Medicare Beneficiaries to Use Ohio Department of Insurance Services throughout Older Americans Month

May is National Older American’s Month and Ohio Lieutenant Governor and Department of Insurance Director Mary Taylor is advising Medicarebeneficiaries that the Department’s Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program (OSHIIP) has all the answers to their queries about Medicare.Commemorating its 20th anniversary this year, OSHIIP is Ohio’s premier educational program for Medicare information and counseling. Currently, OSHIIP is carrying out statewide Welcome to Medicare Plans events through July 25 focused towards fresh and soon-to-be beneficiaries.

OSHIIP is updating Ohioans about various important Medicare topics during Older American’s Month. Some of them are as follow:

  • The annual open enrollment period will commence on Oct. 15 and carry on through Dec. 7. Beneficiaries will also be given their new coverage cards in hand in early January.
  • Few beneficiaries registered in Medicare Part D prescription drug plans face a gap in coverage termed as the “doughnut hole.” In 2012, beneficiaries who enter the “doughnut hole” will receive a 50 percent discount on Medicare-covered brand name drugs and a 14 percent discount on Medicare-covered generic prescriptions.
  • Medicare Advantage plans are not supposed to charge more than traditional Medicare for chemotherapy, dialysis, skilled nursing care, and other services considered suitable.
  • If enrolled in Medicare, an individual is entitled to an annual wellness exam and many preventative services free of cost.
  • Financial assistance for paying Medicare’s Part B premium, up to $99.90per month, is offered to beneficiaries who fulfill certain income and resources requirements.

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