The Medicare NewsGroup Launches New Web Site to Arm Journalists With complete Medicare Information

The Medicare NewsGroup has started a new website that will furnish journalists with the information and tools they need to cover Medicare Plan efficiently and systematically.

With Medicare getting so much significance in deliberations on deficit reduction, health care costs and in this year’s presidential and congressional races, the resources at serve as a dependable source of news and information to journalists covering the program. The Medicare NewsGroup mainly aims to serve the media, but the site’s publishers expect that health care industry stakeholders, policymakers and consumers will also find it invaluable.

The Medicare NewsGroup endeavors to be a comprehensive storehouse of Medicare information on the Internet, with the most important daily news stories on Medicare from across the country, latest information on legislation and regulation affecting the program, a calendar of the most important Medicare-related events, including historical events appropriate for anniversary news coverage, and many other such Medicare related issues. Most importantly for journalists, all information available on the site comprises of original source citations.

Apart from this has created an exclusive set of custom tools available to journalists to assist on-deadline production of high-quality Medicare stories, including a modified, secure clip file feature and a deadline calendar.

For more information please visit us @, or call us at 888-502-5553 to speak with one of our Medicare experts

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