Threat to Medigap from Debt Ceiling Talks

Medicare Supplement insurance is a core product and has driven significant growth for Mutual of Omaha and its sales partners.

Unfortunately, Medicare Supplement coverage has been targeted in the debt ceiling debate now under way in Washington.

Proposals under serious consideration effectively end first dollar coverage and limit coverage to only 50 percent or less of seniors’ out-of-pocket costs. This represents a massive cost shift to seniors and would seriously impact the viability of the Medicare Supplement product line.

We need your help to protect this valuable product and the millions of Americans who depend upon it. It’s easy to let your representatives in Congress know that these changes would seriously hurt seniors and further damage the economy.

Here’s how you can make your voice heard:

  • Call 1-866-869-1923 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. CDT. You will talk to an operator, who will guide you through the latest developments and then connect you directly to one of your representatives’ offices.
  • Go to You can explore the issue, sign up for email updates and directly email your opposition to your Congressional representatives.
  • Share these options with Medicare clients, business associates and friends who might be interested in getting involved.
  • Directly contact members of Congress or congressional staffers with whom you already have a relationship. Call or write to let them know that you and your Medicare Supplement customers oppose these provisions, which punish seniors for taking steps to finance their own health care costs.

This is an urgent issue and one that deserves your immediate attention. The debate is evolving rapidly, so lawmakers need to understand our objection to proposals that damage Medicare Supplement and harm the millions of American seniors who depend on it.

Thank you for your commitment to protecting this important product for our customers and for the future success of our business.

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