Two Insurance Policies That Companies Provide To Employees

Organizations that follow ethical norms usually arrange for corporate insurances for all the workers in the company. Under these insurance plans, the immediate family members, nominees and minor kids of the employees are generally covered. This social aid proves to be extremely useful both for the employees and for the company. While on one hand these insurances increase the loyalty of employees towards the organization, the organization on the other hand benefits by experiencing greater staff retention metrics.
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Travel insurance

Organizations, which are particularly of bigger size, often require that their employees travel within the country and outside it in order to run various business errands. Thus, such organizations provide travel insurance  for these employees who travel both within the nation and abroad. These travel insurances remain valid and the employees can enjoy their benefits even when they encounter medical emergencies while travelling. Besides providing fund for meeting medical needs, these insurance plans can cover costs incurred due to the loss of international identity proofs and loss of their belongings too.

Accidental insurance

Accidental insurance coverage is provided to employees of an organization to whom coverage is provided  during unforeseen accidents. Private individuals can avail this policy too. However, the coverage of accidental insurance is narrower in respect to general health insurance. Another difference between health insurance and accidental insurance is that health insurance covers general ailment in addition to accidental emergencies too. On the other hand, when you Compare Health Insurance with accidental insurance you will find that the latter provides financial support exclusively when the subscriber meets with accidents. When employees make their claims, the insurance service providers help them in getting back their coverage.


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