Types of Health Insurance Plans to Choose From

The rising medical expenses and massive increment in healthcare cost is taking a toll on the monthly income of the households. While there is no way in which people can avoid expenditures on treatments, and checkups, the exorbitant bills generated by the hospitals and nursing homes are becoming the major reasons behind raised household of the general masses. Such situations make it mandatory that we go for Medical Health Plans that would give us financial assistance during medical emergencies. You can choose any of the plans you like from the ones listed below:

  • Health Maintenance organization plan (HMO): This is the most common Individual Health Insurance. Therefore, the service providers of this plan are also easily available. This plan mostly includes all the major type of preventive care an individual requires.
  • Preferred Provider Organization plan (PPO) : This plan is mostly suited for people who need to take a specialist medical consultation on a regular basis. However, the best part of this plan is that it can be availed by both husband and wife. Nevertheless, you need to pay a meager copayment for your recurrent medical consultations.
  • Exclusive Provider Organization plan (EPO): The benefit of this plan is that you can get yourself checked by all the healthcare providers who are under this network. The downside of this plan is that those who are outside this network will not be covered. Hence, you have to pay regular fees for taking their consultations or availing their services.
  • Point Of Service plan (POS): This plan is best for people who do not mind paying more for a flexible healthcare plan. You can consider this as amalgamate of the HMO and EPO. This means that you can go for regular check-ups and referrals simultaneous with spending extra for availing the service of health care providers who are outside the service.
  • High Deductable Health plan (HDHP): People who want to economize on their health insurance premiums and do not prefer to exercise the facility of their medical coverage. As the name suggests, this plan features high deductable that should be met by the subscriber before it comes to effect.


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