Universal Medicare for Everyone

Various Republicans are pushing the U.S. Supreme Court to rule the 2010 Affordable Care Act as unconstitutional as it calls for millions of “working poor” Americans to buy health insurance from commercial carriers. A liberal Charleston reformer and activist have joined a Supreme Court brief demanding exactly the same thing. Retired anesthesiologist Hedda Haning, a leader of various social action committees and organizer of an Occupy the Court protest, holds that it’s wrong to let commercial carriers make so much profit from America’s medical system. In its place, she says, the nation should have a government-run “single-payer” universal plan offering treatment for every citizen, as other advanced democracies do. Such a goal is attainable merely by growing the scope of Medicare insurance to cover all ages. This will expand coverage to 50 million left-out Americans, and save billions presently now wasted on the bureaucracy of competing private insurers.

She further elaborated that the only answer to the health care crisis in the United States, which will both manage costs and attain comprehensive coverage for the entire population, is to accept a national publicly-financed single-payer health insurance system. Such a system has the potential to lift a big burden off U.S. businesses and employers now paying tremendous costs to insure employees.

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