Various Medicare Advantage Plans

The past few years Medicare Advantage plans are become very popular. The reason for the popularity is that the premiums are very low or nothing at all.

There are three types of Medicare Advantage plans:

  1. Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO Plans)
  2. Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO Plans)
  3. Private Fee for Service (PFFS Plans)

HMO Networks are small because they have a limited number of doctors, hospitals, and other facilities.

PPO Medicare Advantage Network has a wider number of doctors, hospitals, and facilities.

PFF’s Plans are Private Fee for Service Plans.

Medicare Advantage plans are highly advertised by the insurance companies during the two open enrollment periods AEP and OEP. AEP is called the annual enrolment period. OEP is called the open enrollment period. Because this period of time Medicare recipients can once again their change plans and providers with one limitation they cannot add a drug plan if they do not already have one.

Medicare Advantage plans are also contain Part D Plan of Medicare, and you also call this as prescription drug coverage. Medicare Advantage plans also have very low, or no premium. Some plans even refund the Part B premium. Also, Medicare Advantage Plans are not allowed to do a lot of risk selection based upon health, so they may be a good choice for less healthy applicants.

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