What Are My Options For Choosing a Medicare Plan in AEP

This year AEP or what many refer to as Open Enrollment is early,it starts Oct.15th and runs till Dec 7th. This open enrollment allows medicare beneficiary’s several options. The first and most common is,it allows anyone on a Medicare Advantage Plan that is not happy with to move to another Advantage Plan without the need to provide any medical history,it’s what we call guarantee issue.It also allows beneficiary’s to come off their Advantage plan and go back to Original Medicare A&B. If you do this you can purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan and Part D,which is your prescription plan.However there are several scenarios that allow you to buy the Supplement plan without having to qualify medically,if you don’t fall into one of these categories then you must answer several medical questions.If you have medical issues,we usually recommend applying with AARP/United HealthCare. They often have very good rates and are much more lenient on underwriting.

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