When to get a Medigap Plan

During a six-month period that starts on the first day of the month in which you become 65 and you are enrolled in Part B, your application for a Medigap Plan is certain to be accepted whatever your health problems may be.  You can change to a different plan during this time, and assured approval also applies to the application for the other plan.

After this open enrollment period concludes, insurance companies are not obligated to accept your application for a Medigap Plan, but some states offer additional periods of similar open enrollments. Insurance companies may also randomly offer types of open enrollment, but these may have some limitations.

If you’re under 65, federal law does not necessitate that insurance companies accept your application for a Medigap Plan, but certain states do have that prerequisite.

You may also be assured that your application will be acknowledged outside of your period of open enrollment if you lose your health coverage.  If you are more than 65 years of age, this guarantee applies to Medigap Plan A, B, C, F, K and L.  If you are under 65, this guarantee is applicable only to Medigap Plan A.  Generally, this guarantee lasts only for 63 days from the date that your coverage ends or the date of the notice that your coverage is culminating.

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