Women Get Preventive Care services with no charges

The Affordable Care Act brings about numerous changes to reinforce Medicare Plan and offer greater benefits to seniors, while reducing cost growth. It is expected to provide huge savings in the next ten years through decrease in additional subsidies paid to Medicare Advantage plans, slowing of the rate of growth in provider payments, and the zeal to make the Medicare program more competent and to bring down waste, fraud and abuse. One of the known early modifications under the Affordable Care Act comprised of coverage for preventive services without any co-pay, deductibles or coinsurance. Starting on August 1, this benefit spreads out to encompass extra preventive services for women. Everyone enrolled in an individual health plan is entitled to get this new benefit from August 1. Those with employer-sponsored health plans will get the new benefit after their plan renews.

The law will provide women with access to birth control and cancer screenings at no cost, guaranteed direct access to obstetricians and gynecologists without waiting for a recommendation and an culmination of discriminatory practices against women, like charging higher premiums and rejecting coverage for pre-existing conditions. Women will also gain access to birth control with no a co-pay, thus ensuing in a huge economic repercussions on an already expanded family budgets.

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