Should you Purchase a Medigap Policy?

Some facts to make your Decision Easy !

If you are on Medicare you need to be aware that you Medicare part A and part B does not pay 100% of your medical claims.You will have deductibles and copays.

Choosing the right Medicare Plan provides seniors with additional coverage that medicare doesn’t provide. There are 11 Medicare Plans to choose from,Plan A to Plan N that offer different levels of health coverage.

Your Medicare Part A coverage goes into effect at age 65 automatically and is free. Part B also starts at age 65,unless you are disabled,but has a fee.You can waive Part B if you choose to. Part A covers hospitalization whereas Part B covers out patient healthcare.
Medicare only pays up to 80% of Medicare-approved healthcare costs, and also contains co-pays, deductibles.

You can purchase an insurance policy to cover the “gaps”,they are called Medigap Plans.If you purchace the best Medigap Plan you will have 100% coverage for most of your medicare approved claims.

At we deal with most of the top rated  Insurance Companies and can sell you a modernized  Medigap policy identified by letters A through N.

If you are on a  Medicare Advantage Plan, you do not need to buy a Medigap policy. In fact, it is illegal for anyone to sell you a Medigap policy if you are in an advantage plan.

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