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Health Insurance Company Humana

Have you heard about the Humana Insurance? If not, then let us introduce it to you. As you know, health care insurances are offered by public as well as non- public organizations.  Humana Inc. is one such Fortune 100 company  that offers and markets Humana Medicare Plans for the citizens and legalized residents of USA.  Situated at Louisville in Kentucky, USA, this company was founded in 1961. Today, it boasts of its wide customer base across the country and is also counted as the largest Fortune 100 Company in the Commonwealth of Kentucky as far as its annual revenue generation is concerned. These attributes about Humana Inc. authenticate the trustworthiness of the Medicare Plans offered by the company, and explain why it gas 11.5 million customers in USA at present.

If you wish to avail the opportunity of getting benefitted by Humana Medicare Plans, give us a call right now. We are ready to help you.

In case you reside in Florida and feel that you cannot avail the benefits of this plan, we would bring you news that will make you happy. This plan can be availed in fifty states of USA, D.C. and Puerto Rico. Even welcoming fact is that the company  is planning to expand its international business interest all throughout Western Europe.  Thus, your Humana Medicare Plans are within your reach. 

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Here is something we wish to share with you.  The Medicare program offered by Humana Inc. has coverage plans beyond health care. When you subscribe for the dedicated plans, you can have yourself financially equipped for pursuing education,    accessing certain types of resources, as well as opting personalized tools.  Therefore, if you have any such plans that you believe covered by Humana Medicare then talk to us. We will give you the best advises.

The right time to opt for the Humana plan is your 65th birthday. At an age post 65 years, this Medicare plan considers you eligible to make a switch over  from your existing plans.  For customers who have already enrolled yourself for the plan but cannot understand how it would benefit you, let us share some information.

  • You get the scope of checking the status of any claim anytime you want
  • You can view the current plan benefits whenever you want
  • You can check the balance of your spending account
  • You can view the status of your Member ID card
  • You will able to check the status of your plan when you lose your job
  • You can gain access the Caregiver resources
  • You can log in to MyHumana account anytime you want

Drop in a mail right now or talk to us directly if you wish to know more about Humana Medicare.

If you already have Humana insurance

Humana can help you for

  • Check the status of a claim
  • View current plan benefits
  • My spending account balance
  • View Member ID Card
  • What if I lose my job?
  • Caregiver resources
  • Log In to MyHumana

Humana Prescriptions by mail

  • Refill Prescription
  • Is mail-order right for me?
  • Switch to mail-order
  • Order Status
  • Is my drug covered?
  • Mail-order forms
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