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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans were developed to save money and provide better health care. Proponents of these plans argued that they would inject the efficiency of the private insurance market into Medicare, resulting in savings and better health care for clients. Unfortunately, these Medicare Plans have never saved money. In fact these private Advantage plans cost billions of dollars more that Original Medicare and have provided little or no increased efficiency. While proving to be very lucrative for insurance companies, who have since increased their enrollment and thus their profits, this change has come at a high cost to taxpayers, and it has weakened the Medicare program as a whole.

While the insurance companies will pay us to sell the Medicare Advantage Plans we choose to only offer Medicare Supplement/Medigap Plans for our clients. It is our goal to provide the best available Medicare Insurance Plans at the most competitive cost to you, rather than supporting a continuing and growing windfall to private insurance companies that Medicare Advantage provides.

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Some Key Points You Should Know About Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Not all doctors and hospitals take new patients in a Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • During a hospital stay all Medicare Advantage plans shift the burden of payment from the plan to the plan member.
  • Your insurance company can drop you at any time. Historically Medicare hasn’t funded these private plans enough to keep up with inflation. Watch these video:

Doctor’s perspective on Medicare Advantage

Health Care Reform: What Are the Changes to Medicare?

Cuts to Medicare Advantage Plans

Government Cuts to Medicare Advantage Plans