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Medicare Supplement Plan M

The new Medicare Supplement Plan M will be standardized as is all the current plans available. This means that all insurance companies are required to offer the same policy. Only the price can differ from one company to the next. This is why it is so important to get quotes from all qualified companies.
This plan uses what is known in the insurance industry as cost-sharing in an effort to reduce monthly premium costs. You would see a slightly lowered premium cost, but would split the cost of Medicare Part A (inpatient hospital care deductible ($1,364 in 2019) with the insurance company. This means that your Part A deductible would be $682.

Medicare Supplement Plan M does not cover any of the Medicare Part B deductible. Once you meet this Part B deductible ($185 in 2019) you would not have any co-pay for doctor’s visits. We think this will in effect reduce this plans monthly premiums by 15% compared to the popular existing Medicare supplement Plan F premiums.

Medicare Supplement Plan M does cover the basic Core Benefits including full coverage for the Part A daily inpatient hospital coinsurance charges, all costs of hospital care after the Medicare benefit is used up, Part B coinsurance charges, the first three pints of blood, and now the Part A hospice coinsurance charges for palliative drugs and has the foreign travel emergency benefits. Hospice care is included (as it is in all Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019).
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Medicare Supplement Plan M Coverage

Basic Benefits including:

  • Hospital Coinsurance
  • Medicare Part B Coinsurance
  • 365 Additional Days Hospitalization Coverage
  • Additional Blood Coverage
  • Medicare Part A Deductible (50%)
  • Hospice Care Coinsurance or Copayment
  • Skilled Nursing Coinsurance
  • Foreign Travel Emergency

Medicare Supplemental Plan M does not Cover:

  • Medicare Part B Deductible
  • Medicare Part B Excess Charges
  • Preventative Care
  • At Home Recovery
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