335 jobs to be added to Baltimore area by UnitedHealthcare

United Healthcare is going to make it known on Wednesday about its plans to appoint 335 people in the Baltimore area as it improves services to Medicare Plans . These jobs are going to assist the insurers’ newly attained XLHealth division, which offers Medicare health plans to underserved and chronically ill patients. The insurer gives employment to approximately 2,700 at UnitedHealthcare and 556 at XLHealth, and will augment its Maryland workforce by about 10 percent.

United Healthcare, the second largest insurer in Maryland, closed on an acquisition of Baltimore-based XL Health in an all-cash deal in February. However financial details of the transaction were not revealed.

Stephen J. Hemsley, United Health Group president and CEO, held that adding to the workforce here in Baltimore implies that many more Medicare Advantage will benefit from United Healthcare’s innovative models of care, which supports the broader mission to help people lead healthier lives, and make the health care system work in an improved way for everyone.

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