Concern for Texas Seniors over Medicare and Medicaid slash

Subsequent to cuts of $234 million to Medicare Plans for 2012 and $58 million taken away from the Medicaid budget in 2011, Texas leaders have now ordered state agencies to freeze expenditure.

There has been anxiety over the state budget cuts that can adversely affect the growing population of older patients in the state.

These slash down follow a phased-in national decrease in Medicare in 2009. Despite these steps, in recent years, nursing home care in Texas had been ranked 49th in the nation with respect to Medicaid reimbursement. Since majority of nursing facility residents in Texas relies either on Medicaid or Medicare  Advantage Plan to fund their care, the cuts could affect many people unfavorably.

As per the Texas Department on Aging, Texas has the fourth largest elderly population in the country. The Department on Aging predicts that there will be 7.5 million people above the age of 60 in the state by the year 2030, with the number of Texas Medicaid enrollees of all ages reaching 4.3 million.

It has been warned that a major outcome of these cuts could be the closing of nursing homes. This would result in increased number of hospital emergency room visits by seniors as they have been estranged from the reliable care keeping them away from emergency room visits.

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