Medicare Part A & B/Original Medicare

What Is Medicare Part A: Inpatient Coverage

There are two parts to Original Medicare coverage. Medicare Part A is the insurance that covers all forms of inpatient care. This includes hospitalization, skilled nursing and home healthcare. Medicare Part A will cover the majority of the costs of hospitalization for the first 60 days after you meet your $1132 deductible,however, after that your responsibility for costs goes up the longer you are hospitalized. If you require skilled nursing care, Medicare will cover the first twenty days and a portion of the costs for the next 80. Nearly all the costs are covered for hospice care under Part A.

Medicare Part B: Outpatient Coverage

Medicare Part B is also provided automatically to people eligible for Part A but there is a monthly cost that is based on your income. Part B covers 80% after your $162 deductible ,of the cost of outpatient care such as physician’s visits and medical equipment and 50% of psychological services. There are some grey areas in this coverage and if you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to ask your primary care physician . Medicare Part B also covers a portion of the cost of lab work as well as preventative screenings.

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