Time to reconsider Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan

Some leading ¬†insurers have declared huge price raise for their Medicare Plan Part D prescription-drug plans. Usual monthly premiums for Part D plans are rising by 12% that is from $25 to $28 in 2009. But average premiums for Humana’s popular standard and improved plans are increasing by 60% or more. The average price for Humana’s standard plan is now more than 329% higher than when it was first introduced in 2006, as per a study by health-consulting firm Avalere Health.

The positive news is that calculating the top option is simple using the Prescription Drug Plan Finder tool at Medicare.gov. Type in the drugs you take and the dosages, and you’ll see how much you’ll need to pay under the plans that are accessible in your area. Or one could buy a Medicare Advantage plan and get coverage for all prescription drugs as well as medical care from a private insurer. These plans are likely to have lower premiums. Some may be as less as $0 per month in addition to Medicare Part B premium but may have larger out-of-pocket costs. The Medicare Options Compare tool at Medicare.gov shows which alternative are available in your area, plus average total costs based on your medical condition.

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