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Insurance Companies

Most Medicare recipients need additional coverage for the items that Medicare does not cover. We have provided simple steps to help you choose the Medigap insurance company that is right for you. The following steps are useful in making an informed decision as to which Medicare supplement company and Medigap plan meets your individual needs. Examine your current medical costs and don’t forget to plan for future health care needs. There are some restrictions in switching Medigap plans later.

  • Review the various Medicare supplement insurance plans – the plans are standardized according to designated letter A through N (non-inclusive).
  • Choose a plan that you feel fits your individual needs and requirements.
  • Take a minute to fill out the Medigap quote request form. We have the ability to provide instant quotes from the leading Medigap insurance companies that offer the best quality and best priced policies.
  • After you receive your quotes, do a comparison check to choose your Medigap insurance company

Overview of Medigap Supplement Insurance Plans

The medigap insurance companies MUST include the following basic benefits with each of the plans:

  • Hospital coinsurance coverage (Medicare Part A)
  • 365 days of full hospital coverage and reimbursement for the 20% of the cost of your medical care that Medicare does not cover.
  • The first 3 pints of blood you need each year.
  • Depending on which Medicare insurance plan you choose, you can get extra coverage for the expenses that Medicare doesn’t cover, these include:
    • Hospital deductible
    • Skilled nursing facility coinsurance
    • Emergency care outside the U.S.
    • At home recovery care
    • Part B excess charges
    • Preventative care
    • Prescription drug coverage with Medicare Part D

Medigap Plan A is required to be offered by all Medicare Supplemental Insurance Companies who wish to offer Medicare supplemental insurance to cover what Medicare Insurance doesn’t. Medicare Plan A covers only the Basic Benefits portion of standardized Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans.

Medigap Plans B through N are the additional Medicare Supplement benefits that are combined with the basic benefits in various ways to make up the remaining Plans.

The Part A Deductible: The Medicare Part A deductible is the expense for which you are obligated to pay when you are admitted to a hospital as an inpatient. Medicare pays eligible benefits above that amount. (The Medicare Part A deductible amount may change yearly, so check the current Medicare brochure). This Medicare Supplement benefit reimburses you the deductible amount, no matter what the amount may be. This supplemental benefit is included in Plans B through N.

Skilled Nursing Coinsurance: Medicare Part A pays for the first 20 days of care in a skilled nursing facility following hospitalization, but requires you to pay a coinsurance beginning on the 21st day through the 100th day. This Medicare Supplement benefit pays the coinsurance amount beginning on the 21st day. This supplemental benefit is included (in varying amounts) in Plans C through N.

Part B Deductible: The Medicare Part B deductible is the amount you are required to pay each year for medical expenses before Medicare coverage. This Medicare Supplement benefit reimburses you the deductible amount. This supplemental benefit is included in Plan C and Plan F.

Part B Excess Charges: Medicare Part B pays 80% of the “Medicare approved” amount for each procedure performed by your doctor or other medical care provider. If your doctor accepts Medicare “assignment,” the provider can only bill you for the difference between the amount paid and the amount approved by Medicare. If your doctors do not accept Medicare assignment, they can bill you for the difference between the amount paid by Medicare and the limiting charge (the amount they can legally charge you).

If you have a Medicare Supplement Plan with the Part B Excess Charges benefit, the supplement plan will pay the full amount billed by your doctors or other providers who do not take Medicare assignment subject to the limiting charge. This supplemental benefit is included in Plan F and G.

Foreign Travel Emergency: The original Medicare plan does not pay for medical care outside of the United States, but some Medicare Supplement plans do. This Medicare Supplement benefit will pay 80% of your expenses for most emergency medical care in a foreign country during the first 60 days of a trip abroad after you pay a $250 deductible. There is a lifetime maximum benefit, so check the current Medicare brochure for the dollar amount. This supplemental benefit is in a number of the plans. Check your insurance coverage before you travel.

At-Home Recovery: Under the current home health care benefit, Medicare pays for intermittent visits by a nurse or other skilled care provider in your home during recovery from an acute illness. Medicare does not pay for custodial care in your home. This Medicare Supplement benefit pays per home visit. An insurance company may limit the number of visits to equal the number of Medicare home health care visits.

This Benefit is scheduled to be eliminated from all supplement plans in June, 2010.

Preventive Care: Medicare pays for some testing for diagnostic purposes. This Medicare Supplement benefit pays up to $120 per year for certain tests done for screening purposes, routine physical exams, patient education, and other medically appropriate tests or preventive measures not covered by Medicare.