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President Obama is applauded after signing the Affordable Care Act

March 23 rd, 2010 was a historic date in U.S. legislations when President Barrack Obama approved and signed the Affordable Care Act. This health care reform act was meant to have a significant impact on every American. This law was to herald a sequence of comprehensive changes in health insurance sector in the coming years.

A year wise outline of the prospective changes that may come forth helps in understanding the key features of this health insurance reform. As per the plan, in 2010 a new Patient’s Bill of Rights comes into being with the aim of safeguarding consumers from adversities of the insurance sector. Every effort is made to make health insurance more transparent for the consumers and also provides more freedom and better options for them.

From 2013, the health insurance reform aims at enhancing the quality of health coverage and also reducing costs. To increase the number of people getting preventive care in America, the health care reform act offer new funding to state Medicaid schemes that include preventive services for patients at a meager or no cost. Further the law institutes a national pilot program that brings together hospitals, doctors and other health care providers under a bundled program to give a boost to the quality of patients care and make the payment procedure simpler. Thus now the earlier process of generating many claims from several providers, the entire team is reimbursed with a “bundled” payment. This not only helps in providing considerable incentive to health care services to work effectively but also enhances the quality of care. Savings are shared between the providers and the Medicare program.

While Medicaid programs and providers prepare to cover more patients in 2016, the Act makes it pertinent for states to pay for primary care services to primary care physicians as much as 100% of Medicare payment rates in 2015 and 2016. This raise in payment is fully funded by the federal government. Moreover there has been a remarkable improvement in short term health insurance and small business health insurance. from October 2013 onwards, individuals and small businesses are getting benefited from this upgraded small business health insurance. Herein, individuals and small businesses get ample opportunity to procure a very reasonable and competitive health benefit plans. The Small Business Health Options Program or SHOP is a novel program that provides an uncomplicated method of buying health insurance for your small business. For individuals who are still awaiting their health insurance to start, short term health insurance plans offers a limited period coverage usually up to six or twelve months and serves as a perfect solution for such situations.