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ObamaCare Facts: Facts on the Obama Health Care Plan

America has witnessed some very aggressive plans being implemented in the area of health care. Considerable efforts have been made in this direction by President Obama to give a fair chance to all Americans with regard to their rights to health care. Obamacare plans have made health insurance more affordable for people coming from all income groups and also to small business employees. The most significant part of health care reform facts or Obama care facts was that it makes it mandatory for all Americans to get enrolled for health insurance by 2014 or they had to pay taxes at the rate of 1% of income unless certain conditions apply. From October 2013 onwards, health Insurance exchanges ran by both the states and federal government which has given people to compare different plans and choose the most suitable one. Coverage period for this year is scheduled to start from January 1, 2016 and open enrollment with the help of exchanges ends March 31, 2016.

Some benefits of Obama care plan:

Better coverage more options: Health care reform facts give a glimpse of a new and reasonable health care plan designed to benefit the every American regardless of economic status. Every Americans is qualified for the coverage irrespective of illness or pre-existing condition, and financial support would be offered for people in need. The scope of Medicaid and State Children’s  Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), meant for  health insurance to uninsured children not eligible for Medicaid, would be expanded and also made more accessible to those in need.

Reduced costs: Rise in competitive atmosphere in the insurance and medicine sector will help in reducing costs. For those facing pre-existing conditions premiums will not increase. Employers would be obligated to raise health care costs for their employees. Moreover, Obama care measures to legalize allotment of drugs from other countries that have been proven to be safe and efficient.

Improved quality of health care and medical research: Greater emphasis to be given on medical research and training to make best know how available to doctors and other medical workers. Computerized records of all expenses related to health care and other patient care related costs has to be maintained by hospitals. There is growing number of casualties owing to blunders in the health care system. Obama care facts reveal that a considerable amount would be devoted to improve medical technology to be able to control such errors.

Better facilities for preventive care:  There would be an enhancement in the availability of vital information and programs on preventive care like chronic illnesses. Preventive care would be included in insurance coverage.