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Privacy Policy

At Medigap4seniors.com we are very careful to protect all the information that we have collected. There are several ways that we collect information and have gone to great lengths that this information is protected. The first way information is collected, is when you as a consumer visit our website and fill out the free request for a medicare supplement quote. We ask for several different types of information, name, gender, age, tobacco, zip code, to name a few.

As I mentioned before we take great strides in protecting this information. We have implemented security measures to ensure the safety of your personal data.

We have the following disclosure on our quote link” your information is safe and secure with us and not sold or shared with any other company”. We believe this policy will help gain your trust and allow us to better serve you. We have no plans to change our privacy policy, however if we do change it in the future we will be sure to make you aware of it.

The second way of obtaining your information is through the application process. When you apply for a medicare supplement policy though our company,  you will need to provide us with some detailed information necessary to complete the application. It also includes much of the same information discussed earlier,however, it usually involves additional health and financial data. This information is also protected by our privacy policy.

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