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Texas Medicare Supplement

The soaring high prices of medical service remain as a constant worry for everyone. Nevertheless, until now, you might have believed you can  hardly anything do about it. At Mediagap 4 Seniors, we cannot subscribe to this notion as fully correct. While we cannot do anything to  prevent the skyrocketing of medical expenses, we can always help you afford them by means of our Medicare Plans Texas.

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While a number of companies in Texas offer private health insurance plans ,you will find the product of Mediagap 4 Seniors as unique. The first reason is that, as the name suggests, that company   is dedicated towards serving the senior population and helping them in handling their health care costs. Secondly,  the plans are provided to all the people of United States irrespective of their age and financial background.   Thirdly, anyone can apply for Medicare if he or she is a citizen of United States or if he or she enjoys authorized legal residency in the country.  However, the best feature of our Medicare Plans Texas is that it offers a range of plans so that they meet the exact requirements of their clients. The following health care plans are provided by us:-

  • Health Maintenance Organization or HMO
  • Preferred Provider Organization or PPO
  • Private Free of Service Plan or PFFS
  • Medical Special Needs Plan or SNP

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We would like to initiate you about another aspect of our offering that has given us competitive edge over other providers of health care plan. Mediagap 4 Seniors also provide as many as six types of Medicare supplement insurances. These comprise of one basic plan in the form of Plan A, two economical cost sharing plans in the form of Plan K and Plan L, and three fair priced plans with better coverage in the form of Plan D,F and G.

You will be further impressed that we provide payment of the coinsurance during hospital stay of the subscriber against all these plans.  In  addition, we also provide an additional  coverage of a year more when the hospice benefits of the Medicare expire.  Some outpatient services are also covered under the Medicare health plan in conditions when the subscriber has been prescribed hospital care.

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