Extend Health Survey reveals top concern About Retirement

A survey conducted by Extend Health, Inc., of 315 retirees 65 years and older,showed a change in their top concern about retirement today weighed against what it was five years ago. Adequate health insurance turned out to be the top concern when asked to pick their top concern about retirement today. In comparison, respondents’ held that their top worry five years ago was uphold their pre-retirement standard of living.

Apart from that retirees held that they are more worried about having sufficient money to pay out-of-pocket medical costs not covered by their health insurance in relation to what they were five years ago. Extend Health is the topmost provider of health benefits management services, including the nation’s largest private Medicare Plans exchange, conducted the survey from April 11-16, 2012. Respondents were mostly retirees from major U.S. corporations, and 74.9% of them retired more than 10 years ago.

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