Long Term Care Seminar to study Options of Paying for Extended Medical requirements

A free “Long Term Care Seminar” at Jannsen + Company is going to study the undistorted costs of extended medical care and medicare supplements the options of paying for it is to be held on May 22 and the venue for the seminar is at the Jannsen Center Pewaukee, Wis.

There is a need to create a plan for the health and financial realities of older age as the average lifespan of Americans has grown 30 years in the past century, Many people may need long term care if they become sick or injured, or physically or mentally debilitated. Medicare Plan and other health plans hardly ever pay for extended care in a nursing home or assisted living facility, or for in-home care by a health aide.

The seminar will be co-presented by Jane Shevey, CLTC, of R&R Insurance plans. Long term care insurance is one alternative to pay for medical costs that can speedily accrue with extended care.

The average cost for a private nursing home room in Milwaukee exceeds $100,000 annually. Even in situations when a person does not require a nursing facility, many extended care situations need expert attention which is not covered by private insurance or Medicare Advantage Plan. The seminar will address many of the gaps common to public and private insurance plans, and how long term care insurance plans should be appraised.

For more information please visit us @ www.medigap4seniors.com, , or call us at 888-502-5553 to speak with one of our Medicare experts.

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